Luna City Mint

One of the more distinctive promotional measures undertaken by the Luna Project has been the Medalet Program. Future phases of this program, including the introduction of new designs, will be more readily brought forward with the aid of an in-house production capability. In order to make this more economically sound, that same technical capability will be used to serve outside business. We are rapidly assembling the necessary elements, although the description below still speaks in present terms of what is not quite yet accomplished fact. If you would like to explore the possibilities of medallic art, please contact us!

What is the Luna City Mint?

What can the Luna City Mint do for you?

The possible uses of custom-made or customized tokens and medallions are nearly endless, but here are a few ideas.

Special Services

We are also building up the following capabilities :

* In keeping with the general policy of the Project, which makes no claim to sovereignty or government in Luna, the Luna City Mint does not issue any purported Moon Currency, or anything of a similar description. As with the passports and deeds which have been issued by various persons, we encourage the public to treat all such items purely as novelties, having sentimental or entertainment value only.

Furthermore, United States law (Acts of 22 April 1864, 8 June 1864, 16 May 1866, &c) prohibits under severe penal sanctions the making and uttering, without authority, of "any coins… intended for the use and purpose of current money, whether in the resemblance of coins of the United States or of foreign countries, or of original design." Any use of products of the Luna City Mint as currency in private exchanges is entirely a matter between the parties, and the Mint neither does nor can assume any responsibility in relation to such activity. Version 0.1 — 2012-195